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Our Pastor

Pastor Mark Schilling is in his first year as the head pastor of Good News Church. He is a passionate communicator of the Gospel and a loving leader who disciples congregants to live the Gospel out in their families, marriages, and workplaces. One of Mark's biggest strengths is his commitment to the local church. He's committed to building a healthy local church for the long haul. Pastor Mark also has a passion for world missions. He’s gone solo and has led teams to over 19 nations. From Cuba to Nepal he has a passion to see the Gospel go into all the world. 

Mark began his ministry with Redeemer Church in upstate New York. During his ten years as a youth director, he helped develop a vibrant youth ministry that spanned five campuses. He has spoken at many youth conferences around the nation and is known for his clear and powerful teaching ability. He followed that by serving as a campus pastor for 8 years.  Also during his time pastoring in New York, he built bridges within the community, developing community initiatives and relationships with city hall, the schools, and the local police department.

In 2023, Mark accepted the head pastor role at Good News Church in Leesburg Florida. He has used his passion for ministry to lead and grow the church in a God-serving way.

Mark and Stephanie have three kids (ages 16,14, and 8) who serve the church alongside their mom and dad. Mark is a voracious reader, runner, and outdoorsman; always growing, stretching, and up for this adventure of following God!

Pastor Mark and his wife
Pastor Mark and his family
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